5 reasons to use areca nut plates

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Areca nut plates and bowls are eco-friendly options for the disposable containers. It is highly beneficial to the environment and it highly useful in various aspects. Areca nut plates are to products in you are going on a picnic, potluck or even a beach party.

Here are 5 reasons that make areca nut plates irresistible

100% natural

Areca Plates are made from fallen leaves from the Areca nut palm tree and pressed using hydraulic machines and id free from any kind of chemical, glue and binders. Since there is no extra coating applied it is highly safe for use.

Easy to handle

When compared to usual paper plates, the areca plates are both lightweight and durable making it an attractive choice. The shape of the container stays intact hence there is no fear of spillage.

Various styles to choose from

Areca nut plates and bowls come in various sizes and shapes for you to use with no qualms. Even if it a piece of cake or a full roasted chicken there is a size fit them all.


In the fast-paced world, areca plates have made it easy to microwave your food without the need to change the container. It can be heated to up to 2.5 minutes in high temperature

No doing dishes!

This must be the favourite reason for you to choose areca plates as you can lay back and relax after the huge party without having to worry about doing the dishes!

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Ecopalm, your natural choice of disposables!

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Ecopalm aims to make Eco-Friendly Disposables Tableware and Cutlery which are biodegradable, concoction free, plastic and poison-free. Sustainability of a product starts from where the raw materials are sourced and how it is processed for manufacturing the product.

Following are the features that make Ecopalm an ideal choice for your tableware and cutlery needs

Easily Biodegradable

Ecopalm is completely biodegradable and after disposal, they will naturally biodegrade within 3 to 6 weeks.

Completely Eco-friendly

Ecopalm products come from nature. It is shaped and used as dinnerware and goes back to Earth. We are passionate about helping the environment and Ecopalm enables us to achieve that and makes all of us live better, smarter and mindful.

Easy Composting

Ecopalm is made from fallen leaves, nothing else. It does not need commercial composting, you can just compost in your backyard. When composted, Eco Plam products releases nutrients into the soil.

Low Energy Impact

Ecopalm does not need a commercial composting facility, can be naturally composted. It saves energy costs and its impact associated with commercial composting and when you compost in- house, you save on garbage disposal expenses and compost expenses. You also divert the organic waste going to landfills which might contribute to greenhouse gases.


Ecopalm is made naturally using only water which is used to clean the leaves, heat and steam is used to shape into elegant shapes. No chemicals, dyes or wax is used in the entire process.

With all this goodness, Ecopalm products are convenient for use and safe for the environment

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