Quality Assurance

Our products are manufactured using Areca Palm leaves and the agro waste of areca palm nut production. We can give assurance that our products are hygienic and trustworthy. Eco Palm products do not have any harmful chemicals and are thus highly safe for long term usage. In addition, these are leak proof and exceptionally handy. Eco palm products are also checked for quality and dependence at every step of the manufacturing process. Our Products are deeply made with expert craftsmanship and are therefore, strong and durable. Also the environmental friendliness of our products makes them the most reliable for use.

Why Choose Eco Palm ?

The convenient palm leaf plates will help in leaving a better world and a safer environment for the future generations.

  • Palm leave plates are made from 100% natural raw material of areca leaf
  • The production process is free of all chemicals
  • Taste of food retained
  • Odourless, hygienic and rapidly biodegradable without any extra effort
  • Easily compostable at home
  • Environment friendly and can be used as fertiliser to the garden after using the plate.
  • Very sturdy, leak-proof, heat resistant, and microwave safe
  • Can be used to hold liquid and also for serving both hot and cold food

Our Aim

We aim to spread this evolution to all over India and to other countries where areca nut is cultivated. We are converting the palm waste into multiutility product so that farmers reap an extra income.

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